Amazing Spider-Man 129 – A 20 Cent Investment Potentially Worth $5,000 or More Today!

A 9.8 CGC graded copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #129 with White Page designation.

Featuring the very first appearances of The Jackal and The Punisher, Amazing Spider-Man 129 was published in February of 1974 and, unbeknownst to readers at the time, would go on to become one of the most valuable books printed during the 1970′s – otherwise known as the “Bronze Age” of comics by collectors. With a cover just begging you to buy it masterfully drawn by artist Gil Kane, the issue would bring in a bold new era of a “no holds barred” style of writing and character. Written by Gerry Conway, penciled by Ross Andru and Inked by Frank Giacoia and David Hunt (also colored by David Hunt) and edited by Roy Thomas, this book has sold for a top price of $14,340 for a 9.8 graded copy in 2008 – but has now waned in value due to many more 9.8 copies becoming available (at the time the copy referenced above sold for $14,340, there were under ten 9.8 graded copies in existence).

In this issue, a new costumed character named the Jackal (real name – Miles Warren) is introduced who in turn has hired a hit man by the name of Punisher (Frank Castle) to kill Spider-Man. Of course, Spider-Man ultimately runs into the Punisher and the fighting ensues – with the cowardly Jackal views it all from the safety of his hiding place. After a surprise attack from the Jackal, who unjustly (according to the Punisher) attacks the back of Spider-Mans head, Spider-Man escapes when he accidentally falls off the building they are having their battle on and uses his webs to get away.

Spidey later returns to they scene of the battle and discovers weapons that were left there by the Punisher and finds out they were manufactured by a company named “Reiss Armories”. As the Punisher now needs weapons again, he returns to Reiss and discovers the body of the “Mechanic”, who ran Reiss. At the same time he runs into Spider-Man who was also there – and incorrectly assumes that Spider-Man is the one guilty of his murder. However, Spidey points out to the Punisher that there are special marks on the Mechanics body which clearly indicate that the Jackal is the murderer – and the Punisher realizes he has been double crossed by the Jackal and leaves to seek vengeance on him. Amazing Spider-Man 129 wraps up with the Jackal, having witnessed the entire battle, vows to ultimately destroy Spider-Man for exposing him. This issue also stars mary Jane Watson, J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Harry Osborn and Betty Brant.